Mission & Vision Statement


Village of North Fond du Lac Vision & Goals 2011-2013

The Village of North Fond du Lac surveyed constituents in early 2011 to seek input on the future direction and areas that the Board and Staff should focus on. The results were compiled by Staff and Fond du Lac County Economic Development Corporation (FCEDC). The results gave the Board and Staff guidance as for the goals for the future vision for the Village. The findings confirm that quality of life should be the top priority as the Board and Staff set goals and vision for the Village as well as to continue to maintain the high standards while encouraging growth in the Village. The results include recommendations presented in this strategic plan.


The Village of North Fond du Lac is committed to enhancing the quality of life by providing professional municipal service and encouraging community involvement that maintains and strengthens the physical, social, and economic health and safety of the Village.

2011-2013 Goals

·         Reduce and eliminate blight in commercial and residential areas

o   Planning & Engineering, Zoning and Police Departments continue to focus on property maintenance issues

§  Create Ordinance to assist departments to carry out process and promote clean up

o   Areas of Focus - Top 3-5 areas of focus

§  Clean up of property on Winnebago Street

§  Cleanup of properties on Michigan Avenue

§  Clean up of property on Harrison Street

§  Clean up of Zoch Property – Village Owned

§  Pioneer Corridor/Hwy41

·         Encourage and support Prospect Corridor as the targeted area of commercial development

·         Promote Health and Wellbeing throughout the Village

o   Support and manage the funding to update and maintain the Pool

§  Create a plan and budget for expansion and maintenance of the Village Pool

o   Create biking paths/access throughout Village

§  Create street paths for riders

o   Provider runner routes with mileage throughout Village

·         Planning, Engineering and Public Works - Planting and maintain trees at Prospect Park

·         Planning & Engineering - Continue to work on overpass design and move towards completion of plans (projected completion date 2013)

·         Continue to have programs and policy’s to reduce crime and provide staff and police with support and encouragement to be successful.

o   Identify neighborhoods (2-3 areas)with highest incident rates of crime/disorder

§  Baseline Crime #s

o   Build/strengthen coalitions/community partnerships in those neighborhoods to combat the problems

o   Identify those persons and influences that are harming or threatening to harm those neighborhoods

o   Identify specific strategies necessary to eliminate or minimize those problems

o   Monitor/Assess success or failure of identified strategies - modify as necessary

o   Identify specific strategies necessary to prevent problems from recurring

o   Continue to carefully monitor/assess

·         Ensure solid Community Partnerships throughout the Village

o    Work with diverse population groups to establish community liaisons

§  Neighborhood programs

o   Work with the community liaison individuals to expand diversity awareness training for members of PD and staff

o   Work with the community liaison individuals to identify ways to continuously build and/or strengthen relationships between PD/Government and diverse populations in the community

o   Work with the community liaison individuals to identify ways to improve community wide unity and integration of diverse segments of the community

o   At the appropriate time, expand the community liaison initiative to other Fond du Lac area law enforcement agencies

·         Maintain Village Park as a Community Gathering Place

o   Support and encourage Veteran’s Memorial at Village Park

o   Park Rededication

o   Explore and carry out - Farmer’s Market

·         Continue to ensure Communication and Technology are up to date and user friendly

o   Updating the Village Website

o   Social Media and Networking

§  Create Facebook Page

o   Create a New Comers Welcome Guide/Packet

§  Welcome Wagon and Welcome Basket

o   Create a Village wide Business Directory

o   Create a Realtor’s Marketing Packet

·         Create Business Recruitment Programs and increase local Village Tool Box as well as partner regionally (Countywide)to assist businesses in the Village

o   Small Business Recruitment and Expansion Fund

o   Developer Incentive Program

§  Review the current $1,000,000 Referendum – capital restriction

·         Find ways to increase value and new construction as well as maintenance and infill of residential housing stock in the Village

o   Explore and create housing developer incentives to offer for new home construction in Village

o   Apply annually for small cities CDBG Funding

·         Partnership with School District

o   Explore potential for Boys & Girls Club of North Fond du Lac – Fond du Lac Satellite

o   Skate park

·         Way finding and promotional Signage to bring people to the Village on Highway 41

o   Blue/Green Signs on 41 directing people into  community

·         Clean up Village 45/Lakeshore Village entrance

o   Focus on property maintenance issues on HWY 45

·         Explore opportunities to carry out Waterfront Corridor Plan

·         Beautification

o   New Christmas Decorations

o   Flowers in the parks – Master Gardener Partnership

o   Banners

2014-2016 Year Goals

·         Promote Development Lake Shore Dr District

o   Zoch property & Zabel Property

§  Increase the tax base

o   Ensure Overpass Construction

§  Secure Funding

o   Lake Access (Parks & Rec – Outdoor)

§  Provide Public Lake Access

·         Marina, Fishing, Walking/Biking Trails, Kayak Launch/Boardwalk


·         Continued Business Recruitment

2017-2022 Year Goals

·         Work with manufactured housing park management to keep home parks clean

·         Work with police department to determine and implement cleanup of blighted properties annually

·         Planning & Engineering, Zoning and Police Departments continue to clean up Pioneer Road corridor

·         Wisconsin Ave Rehab

o   Housing

·         Outdoor venue

o   amphitheatre

·         Theatre – productions

·         Outdoor/Drive-In Theatre

·         Expand and provide more Trails

·         Dog Park

·         Trees at Prospect Pond

2023-2033 Year Goals

·         New Village Offices/Library PD/Fire(Municipal)

o   Create Village Center – municipal office as focal

o   Fire/EMS Location – Westwood/Prospect

·         Village Park

o   Diamond Complex

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