April 17th, 2017



Village of North Fond du Lac – BOARD OF TRUSTEES


Board Present                                                      Staff Present

Jim Moore – President                                                            Chuck Hornung – Administrator

John Duffy – Trustee                                                              Conni Killian-Ritchie – Court Administrator

Keith King - Trustee                                                               Darrin Pautsch – Police Chief

Mike Streetar – Trustee                                                           Randy Stutz – Director EMS

Mike Will – Trustee                                                                Peter Fetters – Building Inspector                                                                 

Others: Peter Stutzheim

            Alicia Foster

            Bo Bogardus – Sun Belt Rentals



      Moore called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM. Moore, Duffy, Streetar, King and Will present.




1.      President Moore read the announcement of Wisconsin’s Tornado & Severe Weather Awareness Week.

E.        PRESIDENTS BUSINESS and Staff Reports:

1.      Municipal Court - Conni Killian-Ritchie – Conni introduce Alicia Foster. Alicia is a new addition to the court staff.  

2.      Administrator – Chuck Hornung – Chuck noted that after months of preparation, the Village phones were switched over to ShoreTel. Staff is working through the new system and how it functions. Chuck is working with EMS staff preparing to initiate the new inter-facility transport service. There were 823 ballots cast at the Spring Election. He congratulated Mike Will and Mike Streetar on being re-elected.

3.      Darren Pautsch – Police Department – Chief Pautsch reported increased activity from welfare checks, mental health reports, drug search warrant, sexual assaults, and car egging. There has been a good response from applicants submitting interest for the vacant patrol officer’s positions. An initial interview session was held for the first round of applicants. Any remaining applicants will be interviewed on April 29th. Chief Pautsch and Officer Tikkanen attended a Mock Interview Social at UW Oshkosh with Criminal Justice students. The annual officer training started last week with ½ of the officers participating in a taser recertification. The other ½ will be tested this week.

4.      Randy Stutz – EMS Director – Randy informed the group that the CountyChief’s Association will be hosted in NFDL at the Community Center this Thursday. The new ambulance will be displayed. The new LifePac’s 15 will go into service this week.


1.      Approve the minutes of the following Village Board Meeting: April 3rd, 2017.

2.      Approve invoices and authorize checks to be drawn on the respective funds in the amounts indicated:


General Fund:                         $164,067.06

Outdoor Rec.                          $.00

Library Fund                           $1,273.95

EMS Fund                              $2,811.89

Capital Projects                       $40,855.95

Water Department                  $95,387.31

Wastewater Department         $168,857.64

Community Dev. Authority    $149.00

Storm Water Fund                  $12,377.19


3.      Approve or deny operator’s licenses for:

Elexis Quinn Chiero

Rafael Alberto Rodriguez

Rafael Andres Rodriguez

A motion was made by Mike Will with a second by Mike Streetar to approve the consent agenda. All ayes.


1.      Discussion and possible action on approving a special use permit for Sun Belt Rentals. Bo Bogardus from Sun Belt Rentals presented a slide show showing the background on the company. The slides showed the design of the proposed building, how the displays looked, and how the business operates. Sun Belt Rentals has several locations in the state as close as De Pere and Wauwatosa. Will asked Bo what their timeline was to have the business open if approved. Bo felt it could be as little as 90 days. Will also asked if the company typically leases the facility. Bo said they do so they can invest in the rental equipment rather than property and facilities. A motion was made by King with a second by Duffy to approve the special use permit. All ayes.

2.      Discussion and possible action on funding improvements to the Veteran’s Memorial. Keith King started the discussion stating he has been receiving calls on the future of the Veteran’s Memorial. He hopes the Village can borrow some money to the project to complete it. Peter Stutzheim spoke to the board on his passion to continue to recognize the veterans. He has many memories of the war and several other veterans he served with.  Will asked how many names were on the original stone. Keith said 252, filling both sides of the stone. Will asked how many names were on the list to be added to the next stone. Streetar said about 20 to 30. All names had to be verified before being added. This took a tremendous amount of work. Several board members agreed with buying two smaller stones to create symmetry for the memorial. Duffy volunteered to contact the state VA to see if they had records of veterans from the area. Streetar said that even if they can provide a list of names, they still have to be verified and obtain permission. Hornung recommended a decision on whether the board was in favor of borrowing any funds for the project before any efforts were made to find additional names. A motion was made by Will with a second by Duffy to approve borrowing the funds to purchase two smaller stones. Roll Call: (Duffy-yes) (King-yes) (Moore-yes) (Streetar-no) (Will-yes)


1.      Randy thanked those who helped with the annual Optimist Easter Egg Hunt. Around 112 children ages from infant to fifth grade attended.

I.           UNFINISHED BUSINESS: (None)

J.           NEW BUSINESS: (None)


A motion was made by Keith King with a second by Mike Streetar to adjourn at 7:25 PM. All ayes.


Respectfully submitted,

      ______________________________             __________________________________


            James Moore, Village President                                     Chuck Hornung, Village Administrator

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