November 20th, 2017



Village of North Fond du Lac – BOARD OF TRUSTEES


Board Present                                                      Staff Present

Jim Moore – President                                                            Chuck Hornung – Administrator

John Duffy – Trustee                                                              Nick Leonard – Dir. Planning & Engineering

Keith King – Trustee                                                              Darren Pautsch – Police Chief

Mike Streetar – Trustee                                                           Jake Flaherty – Fire Chief      

Mike Will – Trustee                                                                Conni Killian-Ritchie – Admin. Municipal Court                                                                                                

Others: Greg Johnson – Ehlers



      Moore called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM. Moore, Streetar, King, Duffy, and Will present.




   Adjourn to Public Hearing at 6:02 p.m.   

1.      Adopting R-13-2017, approving the General Operating, Debt Service Fund, Capital Projects Fund, Spillman Library, Outdoor Rec., EMS Fund, and Tax Increment District #1 & #2 (CDA) Budgets, and Setting the Tax Levy for Fiscal Year 2018.

Jim Moore read R-13-2017. After three calls for comments without any response, Jim Moore closed the public hearing.

            Adjourn from Public Hearing at 6:03 p.m.


1.      Presentation by Aaron Sadoff of the North Fond du Lac Oriole Open check donation to the Village. Aaron explained the mission of the Oriole Nation organization. All profits are distributed to school functions from academics to sports. A couple years back, the Oriole Open event profit recipients expanded to include the NFDL PD Benevolent association along with the Village Pool enhancement fund and the NFDL Oriole Nation. All three of these recipients are vital to the quality of life for the Village of North Fond du Lac. Aaron presented checks to both the NFDL PD Benevolent Organization and the pool fund for $5,167 each. The Board thanked Aaron.

F.    PRESIDENTS BUSINESS and Staff Reports:

1.      Administrator – Chuck Hornung – Chuck is preparing for the training and go live of the software upgrade to Connect. Connect is an upgrade for the Village business system. Chuck along with staff are submitting the information to the county for the 2017 property tax bills. The bills should be going out the week of December 4th. Decorating of Yellowstone Trail Park has started while the weather is still a little warmer. With the help of the Village DPW and students from Horace Mann, the majority of the decorations are up. The wiring and spot light placement still needs to be done. We hope to turn on the lights after Thanksgiving.

2.      Police Chief – Darren Pautsch –Darren passed out his monthly report. A final offer of patrol officer employment was sent to Tyler Goldapske who accepted. His first day is set for December 4, 2017. By filling this position, there is only one position open.

3.      Fire Chief – Jake Flaherty – Jake has been contacted to have two scout troops tour the Fire and EMS Departments. The Fire Department is also setting up a bike safety event at the Community Center. Adam Moriarity attended a LifeQuest session learning more on the finer details of report writing. The more accurate the reports, the better chance of timely payment. Jake also mentioned that we are receiving Medicaid payments through MTM. We have a new rep who is questioning why we are receiving payments since the actual contract is still being reviewed. They will be looking into it.

4.      Department of Planning & Engineering – Nick Leonard – Nick indicated that Indiana Ave. is complete for 2017. The gravel road will remain gravel until spring when the rest of the project will be completed. The DPW crew has been asphalt patching on Minnesota Ave. Some of the road shoulders needed to be repaired. Nick is still fielding several economic development questions. It has been very active. The Planning Commission met to approve the plan for the NFDL School District renovation and new construction. Several safety concern questions were asked and answered with the commission approving the plan as a recommendation to the Board. 


1.      Approve the minutes of the following Village Board Meeting: November 6th, 2017.

2.      Approve invoices and authorize checks to be drawn on the respective funds in the amounts indicated:


General Fund:                         $25,152.41

Outdoor Rec.                          $.00

Library Fund                           $868.67

EMS Fund                              $1,423.35

Capital Projects                       $8,489.10

Water Department                  $6,360.28

Wastewater Department         $259.87

Community Dev. Authority    $1,200.75

Storm Water Fund                  $160.99


A motion was made by Mike Will with a second by Mike Streetar to approve the consent agenda.

All ayes.


1.      Discussion of the 2018 CIP and General Obligation Budgets. No comments.

2.      Discussion and possible action on approving a renewal of the Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement for the Providing of Emergency Medical Services. Chuck explained that the current agreement expires at the end of 2017. The new agreement has several changes updating it to the new service level, billing processes, and agreement term. A motion was made by Mike Streetar with a second by Keith King to approve the Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement for the Providing of Emergency Medical Services. All ayes.

3.      Discussion of a meeting date for the January 1st, 2018 Village Board meeting. Chuck explained that the regular first Monday of the month board meeting ends up on Monday January 1st. With this being a holiday, and the prior week a short week with many staff taking vacation, Chuck suggested moving the first Monday of the month meeting to the second Monday, January 8th. The consensus of the board was to move it to the 8th.

I.             RESOLUTIONS:

1.      Adopt resolution R-14-2017, a RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE ISSUANCE AND AWARDING THE SALE OF $1,465,000 GENERAL OBLIGATION PROMISSARY NOTES, SERIES 2017A PROVIDING THE FORM OF THE NOTES; AND LEVYING A TAX IN CONNECTION THEREWITH. Greg Johnson from Ehlers presented the Sale Day Report and explained the results. The rates were favorable allowing to lower the net borrow by $10,000 due to less cost of issuance. With no questions, a motion was made by John Duffy with a second by Mike Will to approve R-14-2017. All ayes.

2.      Adopt resolution R-13-2017-The General Operating, Debt Service Fund, Capital Projects Fund, Spillman Library, Outdoor Rec., EMS Fund and Tax Increment District #1 (CDA) Budgets, and Setting  the Tax Levy for Fiscal Year 2018 (budget attached in the form to be adopted after discussion). The budget numbers had been discussed several times. The board thanked the staff for their hard work on keeping costs down. A motion was made by Mike Streetar with a second by Keith King to approve R-13-2017. All ayes.

3.      Adopt resolution R-15-2017 a resolution designating an official authorized to declare official intent under reimbursement bond regulations. Chuck explained that this resolution gives the administrator the permission to approve spending capital funds for projects and purchases where the funds will be borrowed later in the year. With a past practice of borrowing every two years to save on processing costs, several approved capital projects or purchases are started before the money is borrowed. When the funds become available from when a borrow is completed, the funds are paid back to the general fund. A motion was made by Keith King with a second by Mike Streetar to approve R-15-2017. All ayes.

J.          COMMUNICATIONS: (None)


L.         NEW BUSINESS: (None)


1.                  Discussion of a personnel issue under Wisconsin State Statutes 19.85(1) (c) considering employment, promotion, Compensation or performance evaluation data of any public employee over which the governmental body has jurisdiction or exercises responsibility.

1.      WPPA/LEER Contract

2.      IAFF Contract

2.                  Considering financial, medical, social or personal histories or disciplinary data of specific

persons, preliminary consideration of specific personnel problems or the investigation of charges against specific persons except par. (b) applies which, if discussed in public, would be likely to have a substantial adverse effect upon the reputation of any person referred to in such histories or data, or involved in such problems or investigations.

1.      Staffing

A motion was made by Keith King with a second by Mike Streetar to go into closed session at 6:33 p.m.

Roll call: (John Duffy-yes) (Keith King–yes) (Jim Moore–Yes) (Mike Streetar–Yes) (Mike Will–Yes)

A motion was made by Keith King with a second by Mike Streetar to go into open session at 7:32 p.m.

Roll call: (John Duffy-yes) (Keith King–yes) (Jim Moore–Yes) (Mike Streetar–Yes) (Mike Will–Yes)


            A motion was made by Mike Streetar with a second by Keith King to adjourn at 7:33 p.m. All ayes.



Respectfully submitted,



      ______________________________             __________________________________


            James Moore, Village President                                     Chuck Hornung, Village Administrator

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