Chapter 2 The Governing Body


Chapter 2


                                                       THE GOVERNING BODY



2.01     Meetings

2.02     Standing Rules

2.03     Committee of the Whole

2.04     Other Committees

2.05     Ordinances and Resolutions

2.06     Parliamentary Rules



2.01 Meetings. 

(1) Regular Meetings. 

(a)  Regular meetings shall be held on the first and third Monday of each month at 6 PM unless otherwise specified by the board and appropriately noticed.

(b)  When a regular meeting falls on a legal holiday, the meeting shall be held on the first workday succeeding the holiday, unless otherwise scheduled by the village board.

(c)  All meetings of the board shall be held in the village hall board room at 16 Garfield Street, North Fond du Lac, unless otherwise specified by the board and appropriately noticed.

(d)  The presiding officer shall be the village president in accordance with Wis. Stats. §61.24.

(2) Special Meetings.  Special village board meetings shall be held in accordance with the provisions of Wis. Stats. §61.32.  Special meetings of the village board and plan commission may be requested to be called by a citizen. 

(a)  For items, which in the opinion of the administrator, are routine in nature and could normally have been handled during a regular meeting, but special action is requested by a citizen, the meeting shall be allowed with the following conditions:

1. The village board and plan commission may charge a fee for special meetings as set from time to time by resolution of the village board.

2.  The citizen making the request shall, on a form provided by the village clerk, obtain the two signatures of the trustees as required under Wis. Stats. §61.32.

(b) For items, which in the opinion of the administrator, are not routine in nature and must have the immediate attention of the village board, the administrator may request a special meeting of the village board at a Board Meeting with consent of the Board or by obtaining the  signatures of two trustees as required under Wis. Stats. §61.32.

 (3) Presiding Officer.  The president of the village board shall preside at all meetings of the board as required by Wis. Stats. §61.24.

(4)  No business shall be discussed out of order, except by a majority vote with opportunity for debate.


2.02  Standing Rules. 

(1) Presiding Officer.  In the president’s absence, the clerk or deputy clerk shall call the meeting to order and preside until the remaining trustees select one of their number to preside for that meeting.

(2) Appointment of Committees.  The president shall appoint all committees unless state statute or provisions of this code otherwise designate the method of appointment.

(3) Attendance of Members.  The president shall be authorized to issue process to enforce the attendance of any absent member of the board when requested by any two trustees present.

(4) Quorum.  Three trustees shall constitute a quorum.


2.03  Committee of the Whole.  The board of trustees is hereby designated as the “Committee of the Whole”. 

(a) Three (3) trustees, shall constitute a quorum of the Committee of the Whole.

(b) The Committee of the Whole may meet from time to time to discuss issues of importance when requested by a Board Member or the Administrator, and properly noticed.

 (c) All actions of the committee of the whole, be they deliberations or recommendations, shall be thereinafter voted upon at a regular or special meeting of the board of trustees.


2.04  Other Committees.  Every committee created by or existing under the Ordinances of the village shall: 

(1) Regular Meetings.  Establish a date, time, and place for regular meetings unless otherwise directed by this code.

(2)  Open Meetings Law.  Comply with open meeting laws and requirements established by Wis. Stats. Ch 19 for regular and special meetings.

(3)  Minutes.  Record its proceedings showing the consideration, deliberation, recommendations, and vote of each member.  The secretary of the committee shall file a copy of the record with the administrator.

(4)  Appointment.  The members of all standing committees shall be appointed by the village president and subject to confirmation by the village board.

(5)  Removal.  The members of all committees may be removed prior to the end of their terms under the provisions of Wis. Stats. §17.13.

(6)  Vacancies.  Vacancies on village committees will be filled in accordance with Wis. Stats. §17.24.

(7)   Chairperson. The village president shall designate a chairperson of each committee.

(8)  Compensation.  Appointed members of committees shall serve without compensation.

(9)  Term of Office.  All citizen members of all committees and subcommittees shall be three years.  The terms of the committee members other than the trustee chairperson shall be staggered so that one-third of the membership is appointed annually beginning by May 1 of each year.  Members may be reappointed to successive terms, without limitation as to total years of service.

(10)  Committees.  (a) Standing Committees.  Standing committees of the village board shall be appointed by the village president as needed.

(b) Special Committees.  The village president may, from time to time, appoint special committees as needed, with the approval of the village board.  These committees shall have at least one trustee in their membership.   (a) Traffic Safety Committee.  The Traffic Safety Committee shall consist of the Village Administrator, The Chief of Police, and the Public Works Director.  

1.  The committee shall meet when necessary to discuss issues surrounding traffic safety issues. 

2.  A meeting of the committee can be called by any member. 

3.  Recommendations of the traffic safety committee shall be made to the village committee of the whole for approval.


2.05  Ordinances and Resolutions.  All ordinances and resolutions shall be filed with the office of the clerk and entered into the minutes. 

(1) Ordinances.  (a) The style of all proposed ordinances shall be in accordance with Wis. Stats. §61.50.  When ordinances contain more than one subject, the subjects shall be clearly explained in the ordinance title.

 (b) All ordinances of the village shall require two readings by the village board at two separate meetings.  Suspension of this rule may occur by a 2/3 vote of the board.

(c) Roll call votes are required on all ordinances and by-laws.

(2) Resolutions.  A majority vote of the board is required for adoption of a resolution.

(3) Amending ordinances and resolutions shall be numbered with: a letter prefix, “O” for ordinances, “R” for resolution; the number of the year in which it is passed; and with the chronological number of that year e.g. ordinance number one, of 1998, shall be O-98-1.



2.06 Parliamentary Rules.  Meetings of the village board shall be conducted according to section 1.11 of the village operating policies, “Policy Guidelines for Board Procedures”, as periodically reviewed and updated by resolution of the board.  In the absence of a rule governing a specific situation, the most current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall be used.

(1) Roll call order shall be changed at each meeting in such a way that all trustees will be the first to vote at some time or other.

      (2) The assent of two-thirds of all the members of the board shall be required to suspend, alter, or modify the operating policies.[KM1] 

 [KM1]Reviewed by the COW 2/1/99

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