Chapter 23 Administrative Review Procedures


Chapter 23


                                      ADMINISTRATIVE REVIEW PROCEDURES


23.01        Purpose

23.02        Review of Initial Determination

23.03        Determinations Reviewable

23.04        Determinations Not Subject to Review

23.05        Administrative Rules Appeals Board

23.06        Conflicting Code Provisions



23.01 Purpose.  The purpose of this chapter is to afford a constitutionally sufficient, fair, and orderly administrative procedure and review in connection with determinations by all village officers, employees, agents, agencies, committees, boards, and commissions which may involve constitutionally protected rights of specific persons which are entitled to due process protection under the 14th amendment of the US Constitution. Wis. Stats. Ch. 68, relating to municipal review procedures shall be in full force and effect in the village, except as otherwise provided in this chapter.


23.02 Review of Initial Determination.  Upon the filing of a written request by any person aggrieved to review an initial determination filed pursuant to Wis. Stats. §68.08, all village officers, employees, agents, agencies, committees, boards, and commissions receiving such a request shall conduct an administrative review of their own determination in accordance with Wis. Stats. §68.09.  All written requests for review shall be immediately referred to the village attorney.


23.03 Determinations Reviewable. Reviewable determinations will be those specified in Wis. Stats. §68.02.


23.04  Determinations Not Subject to Review.  Determinations not subject to review will be those specified in Wis. Stats. §68.03.


23.05 Administrative Rules Appeals Board.  The administrative rules appeals board, as specified in section 1.04(3)(d) of this code, shall hear all requests for review.


23.06 Conflicting Code Provisions. The provisions of this chapter shall not be deemed to repeal or supersede the provisions of any other section of this code in conflict herewith or providing other procedures for review of administrative determinations within the village except when otherwise specifically provided in said sections.


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