Absentee Voting
To request an absentee ballot by mail please visit

In Person Absentee Voting dates and times

Location 16 Garfield Street in NFDL
(Please remember you must have a photo ID)

Oct 20th 8am-4:30pm
Oct 21st 8am-4:30pm
 Oct 22nd 8am-4:30pm
Oct 23rd 8am-4:30pm
      Oct 26th 8am-4:30pm
Oct 27th 7am-6pm
      Oct 28th 8am-4:30pm
 Oct 29th 7am 6pm
 Oct 30th 8am-5pm


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4/7/2020 Election Results


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North Fond du Lac Mission Statement

The Village of North Fond du Lac is committed to enhancing the quality of life by providing professional municipal service and encouraging community involvement that maintains and strengthens the physical, social, and economic health and safety of the Village.